Noumenon (n.): an object or event outside the detection of the senses; itself inaccessible to experience, to which a phenomenon is referred for the basis of its sense content; a posited object or event that is known (if at all) without the use of the senses.

The intention of my work is to present viewers with an opportunity to experience mystery, think, reflect, ponder possibility, and consider their individual existence within the scope of a universal narrative beyond our comprehension.  I have no apology if this sounds too grand a goal or out of sync with contemporary trends. Where is the limit of our human potential for understanding?  This boundary is very important to me; resulting implications include a spectrum of arrogance and humility in our human race.  I am at peace with paradox.  My paintings are not answers, but rather questions: sincere, heartfelt wonders.  The value for me is in the process of exploring possibilities and establishing merit in the pursuit of worthy goals.  

The horizontal is voluntarily submissive and foundational for anything vertical to exist; it is of eternal character, incorruptibly calm, and of supreme power in contrast to the transience and defiant angst of verticals.  Color and volume are essential.  Time is necessary for complexity, and expansion and failure must exist in order to have resolution in any meaningful way. Paintings are windows, mirrors, or both.

I seek to engage my audience in a way that invites careful attention.



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