Day 5

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Don’t Miss It

Welcome to WordPress Gallery. (It charges me $.$$ to exhibit annually here unless I let them sell advertisements to intercept your attention.) Director, Chad Plunket, and I are both sorry that the 5&J Gallery @ C.A.S.P. isn’t available. I support its mission: “to serve as a cornerstone in the Lubbock Arts District through developing and sustaining a working artists’ community that actively engages the public with the arts.”
On a Boat – Diamond Lake, OR (smokey)
The smoke is from forest fires which frequently turn severe in July, August, and September in the Pacific Northwest. If you’re feeling theatrical and have 45 minutes and 17 seconds to spare, listen to the sound file while sitting on a low chair outside. Close your eyes and pretend whatever your imagination inspires. If you have the privilege of company, invite them to join you! And lastly, if you own a fishing pole, you can even pretend to not catch a fish.
Make America Great (Again?)